Reos Partners is a social benefit consultancy that works on complex, high stakes problems — such as climate change, hunger, and health care — through offices on five continents. They do great work but were frustrated with the difficulty of trying to explain what they do to potential clients and collaborators. They asked us to help. 

We worked closely with their team, interviewing every partner and a number of their clients, assessing the competitive landscape, and producing a brand study that partner Adam Kehane called “Absolutely brilliant.”

That brand study serves as a blueprint for their communications work throughout the world, helping them improve their website and other materials. More importantly, the brand process itself enabled the partners to reach consensus around the story of who they are, what they do, and where they are going.

Solidaridad works around the world to create an inclusive and sustainable economy. The creators of the first fair trade coffee label, the NGO continues to innovate as they work with farmers and companies on the equitable sourcing of coffee, soy, palm oil, cotton, sugarcane, and other commodities.

Solidaridad has recently opened an office in North America where, despite their exemplary work around the globe, they are virtually unknown. Solidaridad North America has hired Landry Communications to help them create and implement a communications plan to raise their profile among key audiences. In addition to developing strategy, we will produce videos and other tools that tell their story to potential donors, business partners, and others.

The Chorus Foundation works for a transition to a fair and sustainable post-carbon economy in the United States. They support communities on the front lines of the old, extractive economy to build new bases of political, economic, and cultural power. They asked us to develop a communications program that supports the work of their grantees and inspires other foundations to support grassroots organizations as part of their climate change strategy. 

Mediterranean Living is a startup company that will help people learn about and adopt a healthier lifestyle based on the Mediterranean diet. We are helping the company clarify their business model and brand identity, conduct the visual identity work, build the web site, and launch. We took it as a good sign that, when we summarized their core story at a brand  workshop, the founder cried a little. We're excited to see this business take off because we think it will change the way a lot of people think about food and healthy eating.


ServiceNet is the largest and perhaps most respected social service agency in western Massachusetts. They do so many things well, in so many communities, that they were having a hard time talking to people about the essence of their work. 

They asked us to make one powerful video that would tell the story of how they change the lives of those living with mental illness, brain injury, addiction, or homelessness. They called it "an incredibly heartwarming video that truly tells the ServiceNet story."


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