We work with companies, NGOs, and foundations working to create a more just and sustainable world. Our clients are experts at what they do — but they need help inspiring others to join them. That's our job. We help our clients tell their stories in ways that motivate others to act. 


Brand Identity

There's a lot of unnecessary mystique around branding touted by hipper-than-thou creatives in funny glasses.

It's really very simple. Branding is about understanding who you are in relation to the world. 

When everyone on your team has a shared understanding of your identity, great things are possible.

We use a collaborative process of aligning vision, values, and business model, which allows a clear and distinctive brand story to emerge. It often feels like magic, but it's not. It's about using a process that works.

Communications Strategy

When you have a story to tell, then what? Do you run out and make a video? Not yet. Organizational storytelling should be as strategic as everything else you do. A scattershot approach won't do.

We use a four-step process to communications strategy: clarify your goal, identify your audience, craft the message, and then (and only then) choose the most appropriate means of expressing your message.

Great strategy changes everything because it provides a framework for understanding what each medium, from your web site to social media, contributes to the whole.

Content Development

When you know your strategic goal, understand the needs of your audience, and have crafted your message, it's time to create content that knocks it out of the park.

Great content does three things. It creates an emotional connection with the audience. It makes a clear, logical argument. And it contains a call to action, a way for the audience to engage. 

Whether it's copy, video, slides, animation, or an entirely new web site, our award-winning team will create whatever you need to cut through the noise and have your voice be heard.