Storytelling strategy

Who is your audience? What do they care about? Where do the conversations take place? The good news is that any company, foundation, or non-profit organization can be heard. The challenge is that it can mean thinking very differently about how and where we talk about what we do in the world. We’re in an attention economy now, and the currency can seem as though it's “likes” and “shares.” But real connection goes deeper. It comes from expressing yourself clearly and authentically.

All of us are publishers now, with the potential to find and build an audience of true supporters. But  this requires two things: a good plan, and a commitment to implementing it over the long term. There's a kind of compound interest effect that rewards those who show up and take part in the conversations that matter.

We can help you develop a comprehensive communications strategy by following the GAME formula:

GOAL — What do your communications need to help you do?

AUDIENCE — Who are your primary and secondary audiences? What are their goals and concerns?

MESSAGE — How can we craft a story that speaks to the priorities of your audience?

EXPRESSION — What is the best way to express this message to this audience?

Doing this work now will pay dividends for a long time to come.