Before anything else, an organization needs to understand its brand identity at a very deep level. The way we see it, your core story already exists, and our job is to help you uncover it. We do this by looking closely at your vision — how you want to change the world — and at your business model, your audience, and the competitive landscape.

Most often, we begin with one or more workshops with your team, augmented by our research — which usually includes interviews with your customers or target audience. 

We then present our best understanding of your identity, core story, and position in the marketplace and work with you until we know we've nailed it.

When we do this work together, we unlock two enormous benefits: we help your customers and potential customers know exactly who you are, and we create deep consensus among your team about your work. That leads to real understanding about how to express yourselves clearly and authentically. An effective brand study can change everything, which is why we think of this work as another form of  strategic planning.

We developed the brand identity for the Chorus Foundation, then built the website, created a grantee database, wrote the copy, produced videos, and helped launch the foundation's social media.